The Fight Goes On!

To My Wonderful Supporters,

I thank God, my family, and you - friends and dedicated grassroot supporters - for your partnership throughout my mayoral campaign. Thank you!!
I entered the race for mayor nearly one year ago to bring attention to the issues and highlight solutions for middle-class Angelenos who are being crushed by the system. People are experiencing immense pressure due to high gas prices, exorbitant DWP utility bills, and runaway inflation. Many were so busy working to provide for themselves and their family that 70% of registered voters did not vote in the recent primary election.
This election was intense, surprising, and eye-opening. I went up against the billionaire and career politicians, and two things became clearly evident: the political system is rigged against the middle-class and highly favors the wealthy and career politicians.  
Although the outcome of the June 7th election was not what I expected, the issues I fought for are still of utmost importance. The fight goes on, so stay tuned!

Warm Regards,

Mel Wilson