Making L.A. Safe  – Accountable Community Policing

Throughout Los Angeles, our communities are plagued with violent crime. Our neighborhoods are places where murders, robberies at gun point and home invasions feel all too common. My plan will hold criminals accountable and hold cops accountable.

As I talk with people across our city about their concerns, personal safety often comes first. People are tired of constantly being afraid – afraid to leave their homes, afraid of unhoused individuals blocking their path when they want to go shopping, or to exercise at the park, or even walk in their neighborhood.

My plan will change this.

I want Angelenos to feel safe in their homes and on the city streets, sidewalks, parks and beaches again.

I will fund the hiring of 11,000 LAPD officers, adding up to 1,500 patrol officers. I will hire 350 mental health experts to assist our police, while diagnosing and providing treatment to those desperately in need of it. Criminals will be held accountable; the cops will be held accountable to the highest standards.

I want Angelenos to feel safe commuting on our Metro system for work or fun. 

I will create a dedicated Metro Police Department to patrol our transit stops, buses and trains. Metro police will randomly ride buses and trains to ensure that Angelenos can ride the Metro bus and rail systems safely. 

Our communities will be active partners in creating safe neighborhoods. 

I will promote working with our communities to develop tailored policing plans, foster better relationships with law enforcement and ensure cadet recruitment is representative of L.A.’s diverse communities. Police officers will get to know their neighbors by hosting station open houses, participating in children/youth after school sports activities and other community activities. Police officers who get engaged with the communities they serve are eligible for merit incentives when recommended by their communities.

I will promote youth investment to prevent crime from taking root in our neighborhoods. 

I want all our communities to feel their children have a path forward. My Tomorrow’s Youth Works program will provide part-time employment to 75,000 actively enrolled high school students and reward academic performance with merit bonus pay.

Our LAPD and Metro Police will be better trained and equipped.

Accountable Community Policing involves community engagement, interventions, and the apprehension of those who commit crime. For our communities to truly feel safe, they need to trust the police. Our police officers and mental health experts will be trained and equipped to handle any situation. Police personnel will be required to take annual continuing education training, to equip them for conflict resolution, providing de-escalation skills. Our police department will work with, state and federal agencies and prepare for domestic and international terrorism events, and to be readied for the upcoming Olympics.

I want my police plan to be held accountable.

I will put together independent oversight consisting of a five member police commission that will include at least one community leader and one experienced defense attorney. Our police chief will be accountable for crime reduction and the performance of our officers. Through metrics established by myself, the police commission and the community crime reduction will be measured.

Working together, I believe that my Accountable Community Policing plan will create a better, safer L.A. on whose streets we can all feel safe to walk.

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