Making L.A. Green: Sustainable Entrepreneurial Climate Control Initiatives

Battling global climate change starts here in Los Angeles. I envision a City of Angels that’s at the forefront of global, smart cities. Imagine L.A. absent of smoggy skies where you can see picturesque skylines on a return flight home or on your daily commute.

Climate change is real and greenhouse gases are major contributors. L.A. has the dirtiest air in the nation, which is why the American Lung Association gives L.A. an F grade. What’s more, the EPA reports that Southern California climate has risen by three degrees. We’ve seen the fallout of this increase—record wildfires, severe drought, and more erratic weather. 

We will lead the way and create a better L.A. by seizing sustainable, entrepreneurial opportunities. Through innovation we can leverage in the areas of renewable energy, energy storage and water conservation.  Our urban landscape will be designed to efficiently connect people and places to work and play.

Together we will create an economy where young adults, older adults and people without college degrees will benefit from higher paying jobs that will result in a higher household income. 

L.A. will become known as a city where well-paying green jobs are the norm instead of the exception. The process of greening L.A. will transform our infrastructure into ecofriendly systems that will help us better steward our resources for future generations. 

Sustainable Entrepreneurial Climate Control Initiatives will make L.A. a Green City.

I have an ambitious plan to implement sustainable entrepreneurial climate control initiatives to reduce our greenhouse gas output 50% by 2032.

Clean Air

We will reduce greenhouse gases by converting to zero emission fuels in L.A. City and Metro owned cars, trucks, buses, and trains. The city will use zero emission autonomous vehicles in heavily congested urban areas to reduce traffic congestion. We’ll build live-work housing along transit corridors to reduce commute times.   We will speed up traffic with staggered work shifts and telecommute initiatives.

My plan includes offering discount electric charging rates for vehicles registered within L.A. City limits and reducing traffic congestion by encouraging businesses to stagger worker commutes with telecommuting options. As well, we will limit large truck deliveries to take place off peak hours.

Clean Energy

We will convert DWP energy uses to 100% renewable energy by 2032. We will invest in wind, solar and wave technologies for generating electricity.

Water Conservation

We will significantly reduce water consumption with the goal of achieving a 30% reduction in water consumption by 2032. By investing in water conservation, water recycling and water transportation technologies we will reduce the reliance on transporting water from Northern California. 

Water Capture

We will begin to discourage the use of hard surface materials for sidewalks and driveways. Instead, we will encourage the use of permeable surfaces to capture rainwater and divert stormwater runoff into the underground aquifers recharging groundwater table. This will allow the capture and reclamation of stormwater and groundwater runoff. Additionally, we will implement the use of xeriscape environmental designs for residential, commercial, and open spaces to minimize water use.  

Green Urban Planning

Through the community planning update process we will promote open space and smart growth initiatives. Design and building incentives in transit-oriented and commercial corridors will be offered. We will optimize usage of commercial corridors by promoting conversion to mixed-use housing developments strategies in heavy transit corridors. Available, affordable housing for the workforce will be a reality we can achieve through the promotion of mixed-use developments.

Walkable communities will be encouraged by incentivizing live-work, walkable, bike-friendly communities. We will emphasize the use of alternative modes of transportation. Through a designated lane/higher priority lane, right-of-way will be given to bikes, scooters, skateboards, and other human powered vehicles on major thoroughfares. 

Sustainable Food Security

Personal food security will be promoted through initiatives that support organic home gardens. We will encourage growing, harvesting, selling, and exchanging fruits and vegetable at local restaurants and farmers markets. And we will allow food sources to grow in parkways.

Let’s join together to better steward our resources and create a greener, cleaner Los Angeles that future generations can enjoy.

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