Middle-class, the system has been rigged against you.

Career politicians live a comfortable life playing musical chairs, hopping around from one political job to another and making promises they don’t keep at the middle-class taxpayers’ expense. And who really thinks that a billionaire who manipulated the system, enriched himself and bought a $100 million yacht cares about you? 

Gas prices have increased to above $5 per gallon, the DWP and utility bills are too high, grocery prices are rising, inflation is eating up your buying power, rent prices are through the roof and housing prices are no longer affordable. The rich get richer, the middle-class gets poorer and it's just not fair. 

Year after year the middle-class is feeling the big squeeze. Many people are grappling with this question: What do I pay first, rent/mortgage, DWP, medical bills or car payments? For young families, childcare is too expensive. With low-paying jobs, the middle-class is living on the edge from paycheck to paycheck. It is pretty overwhelming to live with this fear: I could be one accident away from becoming homeless.  

I grew up poor, went to school, opened a small business, and worked my way into the middle-class. I believe that you shouldn’t have to work two or more jobs to pay your bills. I am not a career politician nor am I a billionaire. I was raised by my single mother who was a housekeeper and my grandmother in the San Fernando Valley, and I attended church in South Los Angeles. I understand your fears and I can identify with and feel your pain. 

I have a vision and a plan to support middle-class workers and small businesses in Los Angeles. It’s time for change! As mayor, my highest priority will be elevating the middle-class. 

Vote for change. Vote Mel Wilson Mayor of Los Angeles 

A budget is a list of one’s priorities, and the budget I will set for the L.A. city government will improve the quality of life for everyday people. I will use the foundation of my budget to bring about improvement for children, students, families, individuals, and business owners in the city of Los Angeles. 

My budget priorities: 

  • Make LA safe  
  • Make rents and housing affordable 
  • Create good paying jobs 
  • Hire our youth 
  • Subsidize childcare 
  • Combat climate change 

My accountable community policing plan will hold criminals and cops accountable. We will engage community policing plans to make our streets, parks, and beaches safe. Our focus will be on crime prevention, intervention and reducing the response time when you call 911 for crimes or mental health distress calls. 

My middle-class focus will: 

  • Hire up to an additional 1,500 patrol cops and 350 mental health experts 
  • Create 30,000 temporary and permanent supportive housing shelter beds for L.A.’s homeless neighbors 
  • Fund 75,000 childcare spaces for middle-class workers —the less you make the more we subsidize 
  • Hire 75,000 high school students for part-time jobs which will reward students for staying in school 
  • Fund middle-class 15,000 first-time buyers with down payment assistance 
  • Increase thousands of affordable apartments, keeping rent lower for middle-class and low-income seniors and residents 
  • Cut carbon emissions (greenhouse gases) by 50% 

Vote Mel Wilson Mayor of Los Angeles. I have a plan, and I am ready to get to work on your behalf. 

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