L.A.’s exorbitant business taxes and expensive housing make it one of the least business-friendly cities in America. Small businesses struggle to survive here. Big businesses leave for states like Texas, Florida and Arizona to make a profit. I have a feasible plan to support existing businesses, incentivize new business owners, and bring companies back to L.A. We will show the country that L.A. is open for business again! Here’s how:

We will stop penalizing L.A. companies for doing business – I will put an end to the antiquated, excessive, gross receipt tax. Through this change we’ll make it difficult for companies to be wooed to move their business out of town.

We will revitalize our small business and entrepreneurial community – My Start Small, Think Big program will offer small business loans that will be eligible for forgiveness after 12 months for those who hire and retain workers at competitive wages (20% above minimum).

We will create innovative partnerships around training – I will foster collaboration with community colleges and occupational centers to train workers to become skilled. We will also foster partnerships with local start-up companies to offer first-time business owner incubator training.

Restaurant Rescue Plan – L.A. has a world-class culinary scene. Let’s keep it this way! My Restaurant Rescue Plan will help new restaurants thrive while supporting our existing eateries:

  • We will cut bureaucratic red tape – I will expedite permits for outdoor dining and public frontage space improvement (sidewalks, lampposts, curves, parkways) and relax parking requirements.
  • We will make our Restaurants a Safe Haven – I will create forgivable loan incentives for COVID safety improvement expenditures (ventilation, hygiene protocol), as well as create micro business grants for façade improvement.
  • I want to improve L.A.’s outdoor dining – Our diners should be able to enjoy the ambience of outdoor dining. I will slow traffic flow in community cultural corridors and create more sidewalk café dining.
  • We will better connect diners with our restaurants – I will create more transportation options for diners by offering local shuttle service near our Metro bus and rail lines. Let’s make it easier to try that new eatery you read about.

We will incubate and generate good-paying jobs – Los Angeles is the place where innovation, creation, education, and hard work intersect. Our trade schools and higher learning institutions are excellent – advanced research is conducted at many of the universities. L.A. is home to four major studios that produce feature films and television programs. L.A. is a global leader in aerospace, biotechnology, entertainment, fashion, finance, hospitality and tourism, trade and logistics, and transportation. We will identify and promote industry clusters and focus on the key niches of the city of Los Angeles. 

Future focus: 10-year goal

Our mantra will be: “we build it better in L.A.”

As we convert to zero emission fuel consumption vehicles and move forward to 100% renewable, Los Angeles will become known as a bike-friendly town where Hollywood stars live, work and play, where creative thinkers muse and design and where good-paying green jobs are created.

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